Wednesday 16 December 2020

Grooming of a Boy


Grooming of a Boy 

Q. 1.What should Lincoln‟s son be steered away from?

Ans. He should be steered away from envy.

Q. 2. What should one never sell?

Ans. One should never sell one‟s heart and soul.

Q. 3. Why does Lincoln not want his son to be cuddled?

Ans. Because one becomes tough only by passing through the difficulties of life.

Q. 4. After listening to all the men, what should one do?

Ans. One should accept only good and true ideas.

Q. 5. What should one beware of?

Ans. One should beware of flattery.

Q. List the qualities which make a good human being.

Ans. Honesty, courage, patience, truthfulness, faith in oneself and faith in the goodness of mankind.