Thursday 17 December 2020

The Magic Violin


The Magic Violin

Q. 1. Why did the boy go to the farmer?

Ans. The boy went to him in search of work.

Q. 2. How much did the farmer pay him and why?

Ans. Three copper coins after three years.

Q. 3. Who did the boy give his three coins and why?

Ans. The boy gave his coins to a beggar because the beggar was very hungry.

Q. 4. What did the old man give to the boy?

Ans. Two wishes- a magic violin and a magic gun.

Q. 5. How did the boy get the silver coins and his freedom back?

Ans. The magistrate granted the boy‟s last wish to play on the violin. When the boy played the violin, everybody started dancing. All were exhausted. The boy demanded that he would stop playing the violin only if would be given his money and freedom. The magistrate and others accepted the condition.