Thursday 17 December 2020

Three Great Indians


 Three Great Indians


Q. 1. What is the name given to the national uprising of 1857?

Ans. It is named the First War of Independence.

Q.2. What was the childhood name of Rani Laxmi Bai?

Ans. Her childhood name was Manikarnika or Manu.

Q.3. What happened to Rani Laxmi bai‟s son and husband?

Ans. They had died by 1853.

Q.4. How is Udham Singh‟s name linked with Jalianwala Bagh?

Ans. He took revenge for the Jalianwala Bagh massacre. He killed General O’Dwyer.

Q.5. How did Udham Singh take his revenge?

Ans. He had to wait for 21 years. Then he went to England. There he killed General O’Dwyer.


Q. Write a short note on the teachings of Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji.

Ans. He preached-

a. To believe in one God.

b. To lead a simple and honest life.

c. To be free from all evil.

d. To help the poor and the needy.

e. To work for the freedom of the country.

f. To live like brothers.

g. To fight against social evils like child marriage, dowry system, female foeticide, cow slaughter, casteism and religious fanaticism.


Q. When and where Sri Satguru Ram Singh was born?

A.  Sri Satguru Ram Singh was born on 3 of February 1816 in village Raiyan in district Ludhiana.

Q. What were the teachings of Sri Satguru Ram Singh ji?

A. These were the teachings of Sri Satguru Ram Singh ji:

. God is one.

.Lead a simple, honest life free from any kind of evil.

. Help the poor and the needy.

. Work for the freedom of our country.

. Beside these he strongly opposed child marriage, female, foeticide, taking of alcoholic drinks and non- vegetarian foods, dowry marriages, religious fanaticism, cow slaughter and casteism.

Q. When and where was Laxmi Bai born?

A.  Laxmi Bai was born on 16 November 1834 in Varanasi (UP).

Q. What was her childhood name?

A. Her childhood name was Manikarnika or Manu.

Q.  Who was she married to?

A.  She was married to GangeDhar Rao, the king of Jhansi.

Q. What happened to her son and husband?

A.  Her son and husband died in 1853.

Q. Where did she join her forces with Tantya Tope at Kalpi.

Q. How is Udham Singh’s name linked with JallianWala Bagh?

A.  Udham Singh’s name linked inseparably with JallianWala Bagh.

He was the man who took his revenge on General O’ Dwyer, the British officer who had ordered firing on a peaceful gathering at Amritsar on the Baisakhi day in the year 1919.

Q. What was his pledge?

A. He pledged to kill General O’ Dwyer.

Q. How did he take his revenge?

A. In 1937, he reached England after travelling through Europe. In London he shot General O’ Dwyer at a point blank range in full view of a large gathering.

Q. Write short note on the Jallianwala bagh massacre.

A. A large peaceful crowd gathered on the Baisakhi day, at Jallianwala bagh at Amritsar in the year 1919. General O’ Dwyer, the British officer ordered firing on the peaceful gathering. Thousands of men, women, children and old men died in the massacre. Many tried to escape by jumping into a nearby well but were suffocated to death. Udham Singh witnessed the scene and took pledge to kill General O’ Dwyer.