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Dear children, stress is our physical or mental response to the changes in environment or challenging situations. It is our body's natural way of preparing itself for the pressures of home, school, or other circumstances. Stress is the part and parcel of our daily life. Everyone feels it, whether they are old or young, only the causes of their stress are different. Even our student life is not free from stress.


Read the following situations and record honestly your feelings and reactions in that situation.



Your feelings

Is it stress?

Your reaction


You could not complete the school work due to poor family environment.





Unexpected test by the teacher in the class.





Your exams are approaching but you are not prepared.





You scored low marks in exam and the teacher has called your parents to school.





Your best friend has stopped talking to you.





Discuss in the class to find out if other students feel and react in the same way as you do...

Children, many things can stress a student such as daily school activities (curricular and co-curricular), family environment, relationship with friends, and worry about future or any other reason. Let's know about the factors in our life that give us stress. Write down one thing related to the areas given in the chart that gives you stress and out of these areas fill the area that bothers you the most with red and the area that bothers you least with green colour.


Area of My Stress

My Stressors



School Activites



Other Reasons

We found that students face many problems in their lives. To deal with these problems it is important to face them with a calm and focused mind.


Let's do a small exercise to increase the concentration of the mind.

·        Close your eyes.

·        Relax your body.

·        Take a deep breath while counting from one to ten.

·        Hold your breath as you count from one to ten.

·        Then exhale slowly while counting from one to ten.

·        Repeat this action three times.

·        Do this exercise whenever you find time in the day.

Children, there are two types of stress, good and bad stress. Good stress motivates you to work, keeps you focused and helps to move forward, such as practicing with exam anxiety. If the stress gets too much or lasts too long it will interfere with your work, distract you and make you feel heavier.



Students, stress affects everyone but does not affect everyone equally. Individual differences are the major reason behind this. Today we will try to find out what are the possible effects of stress. Before proceeding further let's find out if you are stressed out.

Complete the following table while answering in 'Always/Sometimes/Never".

 Am I also Stressed?


Yes /Always
























My friends tell me that I worry a lot.

When I am stressed I get very angry and frustrated.

I suffer from examination fever.

I keep wondering what others will say about me.

I have stomach ache before going to school.

I find more work to do in less time.

I can't concentrate on my work due to nervousness.

I have headache for no reason.

On being anxious I get nervous and sweat a lot.

I worry about the future.

I can't take sleep before the exam.

I feel dizzy while answering the questions of the teacher.































Score yourself:

Yes- 03 Marks, Sometimes 2 Marks,   No - 1 Mark

Your marks: - _

You can guess the level of your stress through these marks. A high score indicates high levels of stress and a lower score indicates low stress. Tell your teacher about your level and discuss.

Children, stress can have an adverse effect on our behaviour and physical and mental health. It reduces our ability to think clearly and work effectively. Prolonged stress often makes a person victim of many diseases. Its following effects are commonly seen in the students:

Fatigue                  Headache                      Nail biting

Anger                   Indigestion                    Increased heart rate

Depression          Restlessness                   Eating more or less

Irritability           Dizziness                       Difficulty in concentration

Unwillingness to work    Increased or reduced   Exessive sweating due to

Constantly running of a   sleep                            nervousness

particular thought       Weight gain or loss


These are just few of the common effects of stress but it is important to remember that all people do not experience similar effects of stress. Individuals may experience some of these or any other sympotms. Thinking about your problems, see if you experience any of the above symptoms while dealing with stress.

Children, most of the stress of student life is associated with not using time properly. Let's try to manage time properly through a small activity. Make a to-do list for each day (prioritize important tasks); write down one of the obstacles you find in accomplishing the particular task and tell what you will do to overcome that obstacle.

Tasks to do




Ways to overcome the obstacles





See how many tasks you are able to accomplish by the end of the day. Do this activity everyday for a week.


Dear children, the most interesting thing about stress is that it can be avoided and that too by adopting some simple methods. The important thing here is that stress management is more focused on learning how to deal with stress without harming ourselves than on the ways to eliminate it. Just as the effects of stress vary from person to person, in the same way each person has a unique way to deal with it. However, today we will talk about some common techniques that will help you in your student life.


1. Manage your time properly.

Make schedule.

Prioritize important tasks.

Avoid overuse of the Internet.

2. Take care of your health.

Laugh out aloud.

Take a healthy diet.

Get enough sleep.


3. Be positive

4. Develop some hobbies

5. Give vent to your emotions

Share your troubles with some trusted one

Express your feelings in writing.


Children, these are just some of the measures that enable us to deal with problems both physically and mentally. Let's get rid of stress by letting go of our emotions through an activity.

I. Get a piece of paper.

2. Write your problems on it.

3. Write about your way of dealing with your problems.

4. If you want to share it with your teacher or school counsellor, then give it to them, otherwise tear it up and throw it in the classroom dustbin.

Hopefully we will be able to deal with stress successfully and enjoy life to the fullest by using these techniques.