Thursday 17 December 2020

A Letter to God


A Letter to God

Q.1. Where was Lencho’s house located? Did he have any neighbours?

Ans. His house was on the top of a low hill. He had no neighbours.

Q.2 Why did Lencho go out? What did he observe?

Ans. He went out to enjoy the rain. He observed and called it the rain of coins.

Q.3. Why did Lencho become unhappy after the storm? What did he say?

Ans. His corn was totally destroyed; so he became very sad. He said that they had left nothing.

Q.4. Who did Lencho write to for help? What did he write in his letter?

Ans. He wrote a letter to God. He wrote to god to help him with one hundred pesos.

Q.5. What did the postmaster do then? Why did he do so?

Ans. The postmaster collected 70 pesos and replied Lencho‟s letter. He did so because he was struck by Lencho‟s faith in God.

Q.6. Was Lencho surprised to receive the money? Why?

Ans. He was not surprised at all. He became angry because he demanded 100 pesos, but received only 70.

Q.7. Did Lencho write back to god? Why did he do so?

Ans. Yes he wrote back to God. He wrote in order to get the remaining money.

Q.8. What did Lencho write?

Ans. He wrote that he received only seventy pesos. He wrote God to send the rest of the money. He also wrote to send the money directly, because the post office employees were cheaters.