Thursday 17 December 2020

In the Flood


In the Flood

Q.1. Why did Chenna Paraya not want to leave his hut?

Ans. He did not want to leave his property at the mercy of thieves.

Q.2. When did Chenna Paraya leave his hut?

Ans. After two nights and a day.

Q.3. Who went with Chenna Paraya?

Ans. Chenna‟s wife, his four children and cat went with him.

Q.4. How long was the dog alone in the hut?

Ans. The dog was alone for two days and two nights.

Q.5. Did anyone help the dog?

Ans. No one helped the dog.

Q.6. Why did the two men come to Chenna Paraya’s hut?

Ans. They were thieves. They came to steal hay, bananas and coconut from the hut.

Q.7. Was Chenna Paraya unkind to his dog? Discuss?

Ans. He was really unkind to the dog. He took no notice of the dog and left it alone behind. He came back only when the flood water receded.