Thursday 17 December 2020

Budgeting your Time


Budgeting your Time


Q.1. Why is the money considered so important?

Ans. It is required to buy everything.

Q.2. Does time wait for anyone?

Ans. No, time does not wait for anyone.

Q.3. What type of precious moment should not be lost?

Ans. The moment that can make or mar a person’s whole future should not be lost.

Q.4. Which is the most important time for doing something?

Ans. Present is the most important time.

Q.5. Why must one be punctual?

Ans. Time once lost cannot be regained. Therefore one must be punctual.


Q. Why is budgeting of time important?

Ans. We have limited time. But the life is very fast. Every moment is precious. So we should not waste the time and manage it.



Q1. Why is money considered so important?

A. Money is considered very important because it has the power to get things done.

Q2. What do people believe about the power of money?

A. People believe that money is very powerful.

Q3. Does time wait for anyone?

A. It waits for none.

Q4. If you do not make the best use of time, what will happen?

A.  If you do not make the best use of time you will surely fail or suffer.

Q5. What type of precious time should not be lost?

A. There is a precious moment in one’s life which can do or undo a person’s future. Such a moment should not be lost.

Q6. Why every second is also important?

A.  Every second is important because losing seconds means ultimately losing hours.

Q7. What do we mean by: art is long and time is fleeting?

A. Art means work or creation. It means that work is more and time is less and one is running out of time.

Q8. Which is the most important time for doing something?

A. Present is the most important time for doing something.

Q9.  Why must one be punctual?

A. One must be punctual so that one does not miss opportunities, and later on does not cry over spilt milk.

Q10. Is it useful to cry over the spilt milk or blame our stars, for our failures?

A. It is no use crying over spilt milk or blame our stars for our failures.

Q11. what should be the guiding principle of one’s life?

A. The guiding principle of life should be Now or Never; Never put off your work, for tomorrow.

Q12.  Why is the budgeting of time important?

A.  The budgeting of time is important because

. It is limited.

. It is not renewable.