Thursday 17 December 2020

Journey by Night


Journey by Night


Q. 1. Who was Sher Singh Bahadur?

Ans. He was a famous hunter.

Q.2. Why could Sher Singh‟s mother not take her son to the hospital?

Ans. His mother had to look after the cattle and fields.

Q.3. How did Sher Singh carry his brother?

Ans. Sher Singh carried his brother in a sling of cloth.

Q.4. How did Sher Singh cross the second river?

Ans. He made a rope with grass. He tied it around himself and his brother and crossed the river.

Q.5. How did Sher Singh and Kunwar reach the hospital after crossing the river?

Ans. He was too tired to walk. They got lift in a bullock cart and a truck and reached the hospital.

Q.6. What did the doctor say?

Ans. “Your brother will live. Come and see.”


Q. Write a character-sketch of Sher Singh.

Ans. Sher Singh was twelve years old. He carried his brother to 80km away hospital. He faced many problems. But he did not lose his courage. Finally, he reached the hospital. He saved his brother’s life.


Q. Who was Sher Singh  Bahadur?

A. Sher Singh  Bahadur was a famous and brave hunter.

Q. Where did he get the big scar from?

A. He was trying to get a friend away from a tiger. The tiger tore his flesh to the bone with his claws. Thus he got a scar.

Q. Why were there no men in the village?

A. They had all gone in the jungle with an expedition as drum beaters.

Q. Why could Sher Singh’s mother not take her son to the hospital?

A. She had to stay back to look after the cattle and work on the land, otherwise they would have starved.

Q. How did Sher Singh carry his brother?

A. Sher Singh’s mother made a sling of her sari, lifted up Kunwar and put him in the sling. And then the boy was put at the back of Sher Singh.

Q. How did he cross the second river?

A.  He tied his brother to his waist with a grass rope to stay together. He moved on holding the ends of the bamboos. He was banged and bruised, hardly able to breathe; he kept his brother’s head above the water level. He was deaf, blinded, frozen and drowned. But at last he was through.

Q. How did they reach the hospital after crossing the rivers?

A. After crossing the second, river, he was very wet and cold but he stumbled on, his kness bent. He crawled. Then some people came and helped him on to a bullock- cart first and then a truck. Thus they reached the hospital.

Q.  What did the doctor say?

A. The doctor said that Sher Singh’s brother would live.